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SABABAY Ludisia 750 ML

Rp 251,000


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Cara Membeli

Silahkan menghubungi kami via Phone di +6281996555558 pada perangkat handphone Anda.



For our Signature Range, only the best red wines made from grapes grown in the dry season are considered for blending. The key criteria in the selection process are softness and depth of fruit flavors. The wine is further age in 750 ml bottles to add complexity before being released for your appreciation.
“Vibrant new latitude
Sweet red style”
Winemaker’s note:
Brilliant dark crimson red tones with a rich bouquet of apricot, chocolate and cinnamon. A soft and delicate medium bodied palate with a hint of orange peel. Warm and luscious finish that will accompany a wide variety of dishes ranging from red meat served with creamy sauces to desserts. The wine can be served slightly chilled or at room temperature.


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