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PLAGA Savignon Blanc 750ml

Rp 207,000


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Refreshing and playful, with a crisp flavour that hints of tropical fruit and honey, Sauvignon Blanc is light enough to have a glass of wine at lunch, but equally well suited to balmy tropical evenings. Invite your friends over for a seafood barbecue and make sure you have a couple of bottles of Plaga chilling on ice.

Pairings: A food friendly wine, Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with fresh fish or seafood, including sushi and sashimi, as well as salads, vegetarian dishes and lean white meat.

On the menu:

Grilled marinated prawns with salsa.

Ayam bakar.

Smoked salmon with avocado.

Wine makers notes:

Origin: Western Australian grapes, 90% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Semillon.

Fermentation: 12 days with French yeast.

Colour: Light yellow with palest green reflections

Aroma: Fresh and mild citrus aromas, imbued with the elegant presence of tropical fruits.

Palate: A fresh citrus taste that perfectly balances acidity and sweetness. Easy to drink with a fresh and long finish.


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