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BELLISSIMO Dolce Rosso Sparkling 750ml

Rp 289,000


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Grape Variety:
A blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Appellation (Region):
Premium selected vineyards within South Eastern Australia (fermented and bottled in Indonesia).

De-stemmed, crushed, then blast frozen. Primary fermentation on skins is then carried out in open fermenters to approximately two thirds complete. The must is then pressed and the fermentation is stopped by rapid chilling .The resulting high level of grape sugars gives the wine its sweetness, while the trapped bubbles from the fermentation are retained all the way through to bottle.

Sensory Notes:
Nose:  Sweet black cherry and red berry aromas combine with hints of plum.
Palate: Generous residual grape sweetness balanced beautifully with mouth watering natural acidity, finishing with fine tannins and sparkles on the tongue.

Food Ideas:
Due to its sweetness and vibrant aromas, this Dolce Rosso is a very versatile food friendly wine. Pairs well with richly flavoured appetisers though to a wide range of strongly flavoured spicy dishes, fatty meats and rich deserts. Serve well chilled in a champagne flute.